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Led Zeppelin were the kings of L.A. during that period. Your excesses are the stuff of legend.
Yes, but sometimes I think our behavior was worse in Japan. We did things there that you just wouldn’t believe. For example, there was a night when one of us got our clothes tossed out the window and that person took advantage of that opportunity to run around on the rooftops of Japan naked. Then there was a public phone that disappeared off the streets and was found outside our doorway with all sorts of money in it. Not to mention another evening when the beautiful hand-painted screens in our rooms were chopped up with a samurai sword. I mean, I’m giving you three examples, but all of those things happened in a forty-eight-hour period.
Night after night after night we had all of this stuff going on, and we got away with murder. In retrospect, our Japanese hosts were probably completely horrified, but they were so polite, they just kept bowing to us!

Light and shade: conversations with Jimmy Page. Brad Tolinski.

Naughty boys…

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I read a few times that the story to this is that, this was on John’s birthday and the little girl made a card for John (the paper he is holding) and she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to him. She started singing and got too shy, and so this happened! 


i wanna sit in his lap

john my turn please

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